Dominic Jenkinson

Senior Reservations Manager

From: Birmingham, England

Favorite color: Black

At the company since: 2011

Favorite place: New Zealand for the contrasting scenery and exciting cities.”

Beth Grier

Vacation Specialist

From: Newport Beach, California, USA

Favorite color: Pink

At the company since: 1992

Favorite place: Bora Bora – the ocean, beaches, and hotels are gorgeous.”

Heather O'Bryan

Vacation Specialist

From: La Crescenta, CA

Favorite color: Blue

At the company since: 2010

Favorite place: “It’s hard to choose just one, but I love how laid back and relaxing the Cook Islands are. There are no high rises, no major restaurant chains, and not even any stoplights!”

Jessica Ryan

Vacation Specialist

From: Lismore, New South Wales, Australia

Favorite color: Pink

At the company since: 2010

Favorite place: Fiji, as it’s so beautiful with the friendliest people in the world.”

Lodi Francis

Vacation Specialist

From: Santa Monica, California, USA

Favorite color: Mauve

At the company since: 2002

Favorite place: Hoi An Vietnam

Nina Calderon

Vacation Specialist

From: Bellflower, California, USA

Favorite color: Any and all shades of purple

At the company since: 2013

Favorite place: Fiji! I took my honeymoon there, and the Fijian people are so amazing!”

Neli Reyes

Groups & Air Consolidation

From: Puebla, Mexico

Favorite color: Blue

At the company since: 2015

Favorite place: Fiji for the big hearts and big smiles.”

Jackie Fontanez

Director of Reservations & Operations

From: Torrance, California, USA

Favorite color:  Purple

At the company since: 1995

Favorite place: “I love travelling to Fiji with my young family. The tranquility and memories the islands bring are priceless.”

Brittany Alvarez

Marketing Support

From: Southern California, USA

Favorite color: Lilac

At the company since: 2016

Favorite place: Australia. So much to discover and the food is great!”

Janie Hall

Director of Sales

From: Burbank, California, USA

Favorite color: Blue

At the company since: 1982

Favorite place: Moorea, French Polynesia. It’s surrounded by a Coral Reef that allows for crystal clear waters, 80 degrees year round!”

Ylda Salazar

Ticketing Manager

From: Southern California, USA

Favorite color: doesn’t really have one… but could possibly be blue. 

At the company since: 1998

Favorite place: Cook Islands… Enjoy the small island feel of doing as little or as much as you want.”

Laura Miranda

Air Consolidation

From: El Salvador, Central America

Favorite color: Black

At the company since: 2007

Favorite place: Tahiti

Thomas Warwick

Product Coordinator

From: Sydney, New South Wales, Australia

Favorite color: Red

At the company since: 2019

Favorite place: “Sydney, Australia. Nothing can beat my home city, and every time I return for a visit, there is always more to explore!”

Lynn Walker

Systems & Training Manager

From: Los Angeles, California, USA

Favorite color: Purple

At the company since: 1989

Favorite place: “All of them for different reasons”.

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